Thursday, August 14, 2008

2dogs or 3dogs?...that is the question

It has been a month since my beloved chocolate lab Ellie had to be put to sleep. It still aches when I think of her. Or when I take my other two to play and neither of them want anything to do with a chuckit or a ball or a stick. It's just sniff and walk with 2dogs.

So the question has come up whether or not I should get another dog. Specifically, another Chocolate lab. There is the camp that think 2dogs is quite sufficient, especially considering the beast. This is probably the majority of my friends, family and co-workers. There are, however, a fleeting few who believe another chocolate lab is in my near future.

Yes there is the expense; and yes, there are logistics; and yes, of course, there is the beast. But there is also something missing in my household. It is hard to explain. Andy and Ellie were companions. Maggie and Ellie were playmates. Ellie and I were playmates...well, insofar as I held and threw the ball. Ellie was the glue between us all. Maggie, Andy and I are lost without her. Andy doesn't have anyone to snuggle with at night. Maggie tries to play with Andy, but Andy doesn't go for her four times my weight plus a mouth that can engulf me rough housing. Teeth get bared, separation following closely afterwards.

Every one's response is "isn't two dogs enough?" Personally, it has nothing to do with enough. If I was worried that all my money was going to the dogs, or that the logistics for having three dogs was too much, or that it was just one more pain in the ass to be responsible for...well then, I probably wouldn't have one dog, let alone three dogs.

So my answer. Definitely 3dogs. Am I going to run out tomorrow and get another dog. No. But I predict within six months there will be another little chocolate lab pup bouncing around the house, bringing us back to our original 3dogcache.