Friday, July 27, 2007

"Marly and Me"

I just finished reading Marly and Me by John Grogan and loved it. I told one of my dog blogging friends who also happens to be a colleague that I was reading it and he commented that it was not a good read, he got bored and Grogan didn't know how to write. Of course, he said all this before I finished the book. Despite my colleague's thumbs down review, I finished it up and loved it. I then realized that my cynical colleague writes about his dog in the same way that Grogan does...with warmth and humor.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

3dog's Time Capsule

I've been tagged by Pappy's fella to list five items that 3dog's would want in their time capsule. It took a bit of time to decide whether it would be five items alone, or 15 items --- five for each dog. I know Ellie would only want one item included --- a tennis ball. And the AndDog, he would comply by only asking that a human be included so every dog in the future would know the importance of sitting on a lap and snuggling. I explained that we could not actually put in a human being, but a picture of him snuggling with me would do. But Maggie, my materialistic girl, well she would have a list as long as I would keep writing. Mine, mine, mine --- all mine is her motto. But after a lot of consideration, the five items we would place in the time capsule would be:

1. Tennis balls
2. A picture of AndDog snuggling with me
3. Liver Kong goo: yes, they will do anything I want as long as I stick that synthetic nipple in their mouth and let them suck on that oh so tasty goo
4. Frozen marrow bones: The Maggot can focus on that thing until the cows come home. Actually, so can Ellie and Andy Sort of like sitting a toddler in front of the tube...very important for them and me.
5. Freedom. Not sure how this would be included in the time capsule, but the one thing 3dog's totally enjoy is running and sniffing without a handler on the other end. Mountains, lakes, is pure heaven.

--"You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom.""Prospects for Freedom in 1965," speech, Jan. 7 1965, New York City (published in Malcolm X Speaks, ch. 12, 1965).