Thursday, January 25, 2007

Beware of Owner...

Maggie quietly turned one year on January 26th. Yes, I must admit, there could have been fanfare, a party, gifts and the whole shebang...but being such a frigid week I just couldn't muster up the energy last week. I didn't totally forget the Maggot's birthday. She did get a few knuckle bones to chomp on and I promised her as soon as it is above freezing (it's 20 degrees with a wind chill of 5 right now) I would take her to her favorite place to romp, the beach.

As I write, Maggie is knotted in a ball pushed up against my left side and Ellie is knotted on my right side. Dog3 is knotted in a ball on the couch downstairs. Our walking schedule has come to a halt since a bit of an incident the other night. 3dogs and I were walking back from the dog park. Everyone was pretty subdued since we had just spent a good hour playing...Maggie rough housing with the big dogs, Ellie focused on her ball, and Andy just trying to find a pair of warm hands to cuddle with. As we were about to cross 8th Street at East Capitol Maggie decided to stop and smell something --- right in front of me. Of course, I was lost in thought and didn't catch sight of this sudden road block sending me flying, literally, right off the curb onto all fours. I attribute the extra hard pavement and frigid cold (NOT my aging bones) to the pain that spiked through my body as I went splat. Luckily, I wasn't crossing against traffic. On impact, I dropped Ellie and Andy's leashes and they continued on their way, while the Maggot was the only one who turned around to see if her Mommy was going to live (ahh, lest a bit of melodrama).

I stood up, brushed off the pain and ego lost, caught up with 2dogs, and continued on my way home. I am hopeful that I did not re-tear my ACL and according to my doc, I did not. Just a bruised shin, maybe a small tear in my quadricep and an order to restrict my activities --- read no walking --- for 48 hours. So, that pretty much does it for 3dogs walking activities. Though I might be able to get them to the cemetery and let them walk.

But then there is that cold thing happening out there. Hmm, the blankets are pulling me under.

Leslie Lynch King, Jr

The other day, during the snow storm, 3dogs and I passed the Supreme Court and I snapped this pic of the flag flying half-mast in memory of President Gerald R. Ford, our 38th President. He was born Leslie Lynch King, Jr, but his parents divorced when he was very young and his mother remarried Gerald R. Ford, Sr., hence, the name he is best known by. Since his death, I've been reading a lot about his life and especially his years in the White House (or my favorite WhiteHouse) after Tricky Dicky (a pet name used by many a democrat back in those days --- or at least the only two democrats I hung around, my parents) was kicked out. Okay, I know he left on his own volition, but only because he KNEW he'd be screwed. Anyway, it seems that Leslie was an okay kind of dude...though at the time everyone was distraught over his pardon of the Dickman.

Monday, January 22, 2007

let it snow, let it snow, let it snow....

Ahh, the first snow of the season albeit only a two inch spread if that much. But 3dogs and I took a wonderful late evening walk and snapped some pics to send to Texas. He's sweating it out on the other side of the world.


(Notice the funky fence and missing trees:-(( )


We have such pretty paw prints in the snow

Friday, January 19, 2007

Say goodbye to christmas trees...

What is it about almost dead and dead Christmas trees thrown out on the sidewalk waiting to be mulched up by the city that has 3dogs lifting legs and squatting to relieve themselves all over them?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Maggie and Bella

We met a new friend the other day while traipsing through Roosevelt Island...Bella. She was down on the beach fetching big sticks from the Potomac river. Maggie and Bella fell into this routine that reminded me of the controversial children's book I remember my mother reading to me as a small child "Little Black Sambo."

So the following sequence repeated itself numerous times:










Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Martin Luther King

This past Monday was a federal holiday here in the US to celebrate the birthday of a great man. A man who had a dream. A Nobel Peace Prize recipient who was shot down in the prime of his life all in the name of freedom.

And free they ran on this unseasonably warm day here in DC. 3dogs that is...all over Roosevelt Island.

We saw and heard planes roar overhead getting ready to land at Reagan National Airport. Ellie, Andy and the Maggot ran and played on the boardwalk weaving through the marsh. We noticed that in the winter, not only can you hear all of the urban noise, but you can see it since the brush is virtually gone. In the summer when we usually romp on the island, the urban sites are shielded from our view by the thick brush and leafy trees. One feels as if they are hidden beneath a canopy of raw nature, despite the occasional honk or backfire from a passing car. We passed the love tree professing eternal love 4EVER.

We got yelled out by one jogger for enjoying our freedom. And yes, she was correct...the sign did show a dog on a leash. But it was so nice out, and not too many people, and, well...we didn't shout any obscenities or yell that muttles like to be free too. We could sense the deep seeded fear she had of 3dogs wagging tails. So we made a sharp left and headed into the trees, averting any trouble.

Later we hooked up with Bella on the Potomac where Andy found a pair of loving hands, Maggie found mud, and Ellie chased after sticks I threw into the frigid water.

AHH, a good end to the day....

Monday, January 08, 2007

Hairy Coffee

Once again, i've been tagged. This time by Pappy's fella and the Papster to write five new year resolutions. And yes, it does give me sort of a hairy coffee kind of feeling. I don't mind being tagged in that it allows me to focus on a topic. But the repulsion comes in my dislike of tagging others.

So, for 2007 I would like to:

1. Make sure that 3dogs get at least one good romp in a dog park daily. Sometimes their days consists of a few lame walks consisting of no real running and playing time. They do get exercise, but they're tethered to the end of a leash prohibiting uninhibited play. (wonder how many *hibit* words I could string together in one sentence?)

2. More geocaching.

3. Finding a way to help the Eldog put on some weight. While she was at her ahh Spa, she dropped another three pounds and is looking like something that should be in a closet. It's scary she looks so thin. So I am committed to finding some type of food that will pack some weight on her before I go the steroid route.

4. Leash walking to be a "happy" event for all involved. Maggie has been walking on a leash since day one so she is the calmest and happiest. Anddog will listen to whatever command I so happen to give him. And at a mere 25lbs, his pulling at worst is a small pinch to my muscles. But it is the anorexic ElBell (see number 3) that has torn both my deltoids and continues to make our walks a painful and miserable jaunt. And though I'm quite adept at teaching others how to walk their dogs, I never put Ellie on a leash until Maggie came to the household. Bad mistake. I now teach everyone that they must pair their dog's play in the dog parks with time on a leash if they ever want their muttles to be happy when tethered. For me, this means finding the time to take Ellie out on her own. Of course, that will make 2dogs very unhappy.

And number five. Hmm. World Peace amongst doggles and youmans (as Buster likes to spell) and everyone and thing in between.

So now, the repulsion part of the hairy coffee. I tag Buster, Ferndoggle, Tin Tin, Finnegan, Macgoogle, Fee and Opy. All you need to do is list five new year resolutions and then tag your buddies --- how many or few, you decide (I prefer a bit of variation in games). Enjoy.

Happy New Year

3dogs have been ahh relaxing in ahh a spa, yeah a spa, for the last week and a half while the person at the other end of their food bowl has been visiting New England. Unfortunately, while they didn't get any dog park time, I didn't get any ski time. Too warm. Though seven geocaches were sought after and found with Lbellhouse and kid --- no 3dogs though. Yet they would have enjoyed romping in the wilds of Maine and New Hampshire.

Here we are saying goodbye to Maine and the P's, with LBell and kid (I'm behind the camera). Notice the lack of snow on the ground. Big bummer.