Thursday, November 06, 2008

Two Dogs?

It's been almost four months since Ellie died. I still can't go to the cemetery without missing her, or a dog park for that matter. I was walking to my gym today and walked past a park I spent many hours in throwing a ball to Ellie; Maggie and Andy chasing after her but having no interest in the ball.

This past weekend, I took the Maggot and AndDog to visit friends of mine who are trying to decide what type of dog to adopt. He wants a miniature dachshund and she wants a boxer. Hmm...needless to say, they don't have a dog yet. They wanted to go to the dog park to play with Maggie and Andy. At first the park was empty, but when other owners and dogs started showing up, Maggie had to be restrained since it was a small fenced in area. Andy, on the other hand, only wanted to sit and get petted by the other owners. Brian and Keri had brought a ball to play with the dogs. I tried to inform them that the dog who would really appreicate a ball was no longer here. And while Andy wanted nothing to do with the ball, Maggie half-heartily would run after it until something better came up to occupy her. Hence, I ended up retrieving all the thrown balls. Pangs ran through me as I thought of my ElBell and how she could focus on a ball for hours, chase a ball for hours, flip for a ball for hours, and then hold that same ball in her mouth falling asleep. I still miss her.

But that said, Maggie and Andy have created a peaceful existence together. One that was not possible with Ellie.

Hmm, maybe Malie and Sasha will choose to take a chocolate lab to the white house...