Friday, November 30, 2007

Dog Ugly?

A fellow dog blogger, who will remain anonymous, has declaired my 3dogs as ugly. "Ugly" a direct quote from his mouth to my ears. Now I ask you, does a REAL dog lover ever think any dog is ugly? He came about his dog late in life, well okay, in his mid-fourties. But up until then, I don't think he had any great love for four legged creatures...though to be fair, that is my thought, not his. And I wonder, how you can look at a dog, I mean really look at a dog, in their eyes, see and feel their unconditional love and think they are ugly? Of course, we always love and adore what is closest to us. And I can honestly say that this anonymous blogger loves and adores his dog. But does that warrant the comment that mine are ugly?

Friday, November 16, 2007

Fourteen paw reunion

After three weeks of separation, we're all home again. 3dogs were treated to a big walk in the cemetery and bones all around. Hmm, no pun intended. Madison wasn't too happy to be pushed from his lofty solo bed position my first night home. But three dogs quickly assumed the position and fell fast asleep. Must be nice to be off that hard cement "hotel" floor with bright lights and homesick puppies.

And the two extra paws --- those would be mine.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Paying It Forward...

3dogs have been living it up at the PetSmart hotel while I've been travelling around China. My intent was to participate in NoBloPoMo and blog my experiences (sans 3dogs) tromping around the mainland. Unfortunately, the mainland had other ideas. China is still a communist country and noblopomo, as well as blogger, were off limits. I could access, but that did not serve my quest to blog. I also had planned to do a bit of geocaching to drop off a panda bear TB* looking to visit China. Unfortunately, that site was blocked too, so I was unable to get any waypoints. Hmm, panda still sits in my luggage.

So my fellow dog blogger, Nat, aka Pappy's fella, recently began a new blog regarding art, or in this case: Nat Dickinson Doing Art. I love Nat's work (more recently he's been doing a portfolio on his dog's body parts), but I most enjoy his work detailing his beloved Deer Isle in Maine. We share a fondness for Maine. His art blog post for today talks about an emerging artist blogging about paying it forward. It being art. I was one of the first three to respond to Nat's Pay It Forward blog to receive one of his paintings. I in turn promise to pay it forward to the first three responders to this blog who also in turn promise to pay it forward, and in essence, creating a blogger's art exchange. I plan to post my recent photos from China on flickr within the next month. And the PIF respondent may chose a photo of their liking and I will frame it and send it on. Please forward a mailing address to


* A Travel Bug is a trackable item that moves from place to place, picking up stories along the way. Here you can add your own story, or live vicariously through each bug's adventures.