Friday, December 08, 2006


days until Christmas; 7 days until Hanukkah; and 18 days until Kwanzaa.

And I've been tagged by Disgrunted Owl. The idea is to post 6 weird things about yourself and then tag 6 more people by leaving a "You've been tagged" comment at their blog. You post your six weirdest things about yourself, and then you leave the names of the six people you tag at the bottom of that post. I think it is six people. Could be less, could be more.

Now this is my second tag, Sveedish tagged me earlier, but time has been short and I didn't get to the first tag (oops).

Six weird things about My Self:

  1. I like the smell of a sweaty dirty dog.
  2. After my 16 year old terrier died, I kept his smelly blanket and collar in my car where every once in a while I would get a whiff of his scent and remember him fondly (see #1)
  3. I eat my bowl of cereal in the morning with orange juice instead of milk. One morning I went to reach for the milk and found an empty container. I was starving as I am every morning, and decided that a little oj over my shredded wheat would liven it up. I actually liked it and continued to use the oj.
  4. Unlike Sveedish (see her #2), I just choose two socks in the morning from a drawer filled with unmatched socks. If they match, it's a good day. If they don't...well, it is still a good day. Socks are of my least concern.
  5. I love fish...I mean like fish in fish tanks. I have four tanks, but no fish. Yeah, that is WEIRD. Problem is my fish like to eat each other. I mean I've tried a variety of fish. African Cichlids, South AFrican Cichlids, goldfish, mollys, angel fish, cat fish to keep the tank clean, even a fricken 35 dollar fish to keep away the name it, I've probably tried a tank of it. My first tank was filled with a couple mollys and angel fish. The fish started disappearing and I couldn't figure out where they were going. Where was that black hole? Finally I saw a carcass (that 35 dollar thingy) on the bottom of the tank being nibbled at by the other fish. I know dogs, but obviously fish are not by forte.
  6. My dog can open bottles. Okay, so this isn't really about me...but it is really amazing and kind of weird that the Maggot can unscrew a bottle top. I came home to find olive oil all over my wood floors and the bottle gone. It took me two weeks to find the open bottle under the couch along with the top. At first I though she had swallowed the bottle (she's big, but I couldn't image she was that big), but when she didn't have any symptoms of eating glass and/or a bottle I let it go. At the pet hotel the other evening, she was being watched by one of the guys in the kitchen and when I came to pick her up they were like "your dog is soooo smart." I'm thinking, the Their evidence was in the food containers. No matter where the food was being stored or what type of container, she could open it. Hmm, I wonder if Dave still has his spot "stupid dog tricks?" Or was that over on NBC.

So I'm tagging:

Pappy, Tin Tin, Buster, Dory and Liza...

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