Friday, July 27, 2007

"Marly and Me"

I just finished reading Marly and Me by John Grogan and loved it. I told one of my dog blogging friends who also happens to be a colleague that I was reading it and he commented that it was not a good read, he got bored and Grogan didn't know how to write. Of course, he said all this before I finished the book. Despite my colleague's thumbs down review, I finished it up and loved it. I then realized that my cynical colleague writes about his dog in the same way that Grogan does...with warmth and humor.


Pappy's Fella said...

Actually, I feel I have been misrepresented here. I entirely forget why I didn't like Marley and me-- maybe that is indicative of the problem. I think it is mostly because Marley didn't seem that remarkably bad. So he broke out of his crate, busted some stuff, ate a little jewelry... eh. Half of the people at the dog park go through such travails every week.

Ferndoggle said...

A HA! Busted!!! I loved Marley & Me, but do agree with PF that Marley didn't seem to be all that bad. He should spend a week with Lola!!

I actually thought the book was very well written. I know numerous people without dogs that thought the book was stellar. I laughed a lot..and cried like a baby at the end.


3dogcache said...

I cried like a baby at the end too. And PF, to novice young dog owners, Marley definitely had his moments. And Marley reminds me so much of Ellie --- from her all out slamming into you because she is so happy to see you, all way down to her screeching howl. She's a lab not a beagle.


Bala said...

Hi Guys! Thanks for sponsoring us in the Blogathon. We finally got around to writing and thanking you, after trying to avoid the computer for a while now :)

We also started our blog, after reading Marlee and Me - but just coz, even though Amy has her quirks, she is not 'bad' at all, compared to Marlee :) But the book is definitely a good one and worth a read!


Tuckerbee said...

I would like to borrow Marly and Me if you still have it.

Michael Rosedale said...

Hi- I just published a dumb dog book called "Milli & Me" about MY yellow lab. If you like dogs more than people- you will love this book.