Thursday, January 25, 2007

Leslie Lynch King, Jr

The other day, during the snow storm, 3dogs and I passed the Supreme Court and I snapped this pic of the flag flying half-mast in memory of President Gerald R. Ford, our 38th President. He was born Leslie Lynch King, Jr, but his parents divorced when he was very young and his mother remarried Gerald R. Ford, Sr., hence, the name he is best known by. Since his death, I've been reading a lot about his life and especially his years in the White House (or my favorite WhiteHouse) after Tricky Dicky (a pet name used by many a democrat back in those days --- or at least the only two democrats I hung around, my parents) was kicked out. Okay, I know he left on his own volition, but only because he KNEW he'd be screwed. Anyway, it seems that Leslie was an okay kind of dude...though at the time everyone was distraught over his pardon of the Dickman.


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