Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Martin Luther King

This past Monday was a federal holiday here in the US to celebrate the birthday of a great man. A man who had a dream. A Nobel Peace Prize recipient who was shot down in the prime of his life all in the name of freedom.

And free they ran on this unseasonably warm day here in DC. 3dogs that is...all over Roosevelt Island.

We saw and heard planes roar overhead getting ready to land at Reagan National Airport. Ellie, Andy and the Maggot ran and played on the boardwalk weaving through the marsh. We noticed that in the winter, not only can you hear all of the urban noise, but you can see it since the brush is virtually gone. In the summer when we usually romp on the island, the urban sites are shielded from our view by the thick brush and leafy trees. One feels as if they are hidden beneath a canopy of raw nature, despite the occasional honk or backfire from a passing car. We passed the love tree professing eternal love 4EVER.

We got yelled out by one jogger for enjoying our freedom. And yes, she was correct...the sign did show a dog on a leash. But it was so nice out, and not too many people, and, well...we didn't shout any obscenities or yell that muttles like to be free too. We could sense the deep seeded fear she had of 3dogs wagging tails. So we made a sharp left and headed into the trees, averting any trouble.

Later we hooked up with Bella on the Potomac where Andy found a pair of loving hands, Maggie found mud, and Ellie chased after sticks I threw into the frigid water.

AHH, a good end to the day....

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