Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Ellie fashion...

Ellie has been diagnosed with Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). She is now on a hypo-allergenic diet and anti-inflammatory medication to help her digest her food properly. But because she hasn't been digesting her food probably or absorbing nutrients she has become very thin. I noticed that she was beginning to body shiver during the night. I'd be awaken by her digging and scratching at the bed covers trying to make her way under the blankets. After seeing Pappy in his trekkie fuscia coat (though PF maintains it is red), I got the idea that Ellie could probably benefit from a bit of warm clothing. Voila, her new snazzy hand knit Peruvian sweater. Okay, so it's not as bright as the Papsters, but it certainly does bring out that nice deep chocolate coat of hers.

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Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Very becoming, I think.

New autumn colours? (or spring if you're in this hemisphere)

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo