Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Ahh, the sweet smell of Spring

Well, that daily blog idea didn't really happen this past month. Hmm, 3dogs aren't too happy with me either. Sporadic jaunts to the cemetery don't add up. And the puny walks they do get give them very little marking and sniffing time in the outside world. None of us are very happy. But it is Spring and the air is warm; flowers poking up and blooms on the trees. Achoo. Yes, we are all sneezing.

But on to more important things. I have located a long lost relative of the Papsters. Tater, I know --- the name is a bit beyond my taste too, came into PetSmart the other day looking for a trainer. That would be me. His "pet parents" as the Smart likes to address pet owners, had just adopted him and had heard that I would be able to help them and him. I immediately fell in love with him. He reminded me of my favorite puppy dog, Teddy. Teddy was my sweet boy, mixed terrier, that I found back in 1988 on South Carolina Avenue and 12th here on Capitol Hill. He was the best boy and lived to the ripe old age of 16. Tater had obviously had some training and promptly sat on command. It was as though Teddy had been reincarnated.

But as I continued to play with the Tator, I realized he was more like a Pappy dog than a Teddy dog. Pappy tends to have all these jerky little movements and doesn't like to be held for too long, lest a ball might need to be sniffed out. Teddy was a lover, and would just snuggle up for hugs and kisses.

I dubbed Tator " The White Pappy," signed him up for class and off he went to become leader of the dog park.

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Nanook The Newfoundland said...

these are great pictures! love 'em!