Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hot Yoga

I've been trying out this new yoga. Actually, I think the real name is Bikram Yoga. Anyway, the idea is to do twenty-six poses and two breathing exercises twice each in a room that is heated 105 degrees and humid. Ninety minutes in all. The first day, I tried to leave after an hour and they wouldn't let me leave. Yikes. Messing up the room's karma. The second day, two people felt sick and had to sit in the bathroom on the cold floor. But the third day, well I just felt fine. Though I am not at all able to actually complete or hold any of the poses, it is really cool to watch those who can. I go to a studio in Dupont Circle, but I think they are becoming very popular and popping up everywhere.

I was thinking as I was watching Ellie do her flipping twist all catch if that is a kind of Yoga for her. She certainly does sweat. And today, after romping in the cemetery, the Maggot plopped into a pose on the ground. She'd probably like hot yoga since she from South Africa --- all that heat and humidity. She absolutely hates the cold weather.

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Nanook The Newfoundland said...

this reminded me of the Get Fuzzy comic when Satchel cries because he couldn't do Downward Facing Dog in his doggy yoga class.