Friday, March 09, 2007


A friend of mine just had a birthday party for her dog. Decorations, presents, a cake and even games and favors. Some people have way too much time on their hands. But having attended this party, I decided that I need to create a birthday for the Anddog. Maggie was born January 26, 2006, Ellie was born December 9, 2003, but Andy, well he was adopted. No one had a clue to when he was born. They guessed his age at the shelter, but my vet said they always predict younger so people think they are getting a puppy. I got him in August, 2003 and he could have been anywhere from six months to a year. So, I need to pick a day from August 2002 through January 2003. Any ideas?


macgoogle said...

Well, the RSPCA approximated Texas's birthday and it's about as good a guess as any so we decided to stick with it - besides - it's just four days apart from Stacey's (Texas's Mum's) birthday so it works out good for us all.

Texas's humans.

Bella said...

How about just picking one special doggy day birthday to celebrate all the birthdays together. Of the 4 dogs I currrently have I only know the approx b'day of one.
Cheers Bella

Stacey said...

Hey 3Dogs,
Where are you?
I am getting worried and I think
I will call the (DMU) doggie missing
unit soon!
Please come back soon.

Love and Licks
Texas (and his humans).

Ferndoggle said...

Just use the day you adopted him as his "gotcha day". We thought Sherman was 1 year when we adopted him but he was more in the 3-5 year range (we found out later). We have no idea when he was born.

It's all good!!


Nanook The Newfoundland said...

HEY! I had a birthday cake for my birthday! Buuuuut I am willing to admit that my mama may have too much time on her hands. My time is at a premium though.