Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Why do they do THAT?

Sometimes I wonder what goes on in those little heads when I'm not around to entertain 3dogs. And in the case of Maggie...her big head. Since the Maggot's first birthday this past January, she has had more freedom. She is house trained and doesn't seem to want to gobble up everything in her sight. So if I'm taking a shower or making dinner, doing laundry...whatever, I let her and the brown one hang upstairs for twenty minutes or so. Ellie just plays with her toys or romps noisily with Mags. But this morning, I went to take a shower, and when I returned there were half chewed razor blades all over floor. RAZOR BLADES! No blood, no cuts that I could see. Just three chewed triple blade razor cartridges, the soap surrounding having been gobbled up. As I was leaving for work, I noticed a dog had regurgitated in the corner of the bedroom ---- bubbly soap. UGH. What was she thinking?

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Bella said...

Hmmm good question - I have just accepted the fact that they are dogs & thought it was fun at the time. I had a Kelpie cross once who decided to chew & pretty much devour the seat of a Vespa Scooter !!

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