Saturday, November 11, 2006

3dogs do Wheaton

Up early and out the door to drive half way around the beltway just to meet the stars of "Gladiators of the Park." Crusher, the first Gladiator on screen, was the first to greet us. Mags sniffed, and luckily, Crush didn't reenact his opening act. JoJo, Jack and all the other players were there too. But the star, the true Gladiator, the Papster himself, came running over to say hello to 3dogs and especially his pal Maggie. For the following hour the two of them rolled, stood,and mashed teeth, enjoying every moment of it. Ellie only wanted one thing. Yes, the ball. And AndDog, he just went from one person to the next sitting sweetly waiting for pats and kisses.

Unfortunately, our time ended abruptly when the Paps, defending his Gladiator title and status, had his side ripped open. No one is quite sure how, who or when, but dog park rules allow for such rough housing and the occasional accidental tooth snag. (Hmmm, something to ponder --- does the skin get in the way of tooth, or vice versa?) Pappy's fella promptly leashed up the Papster and took him to the vet where the poor paps had to be stitched up while knocked out.

At this writing, Pappy is at home with his fella and feeling well kind of out of sorts but on the mend, though his new fashion statement is nothing to write home about.

Pappy, get well soon.

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