Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Maggie and Maddie

It's true, 3dogs live with a cat. Madison. A sweet little orange tabby. He sort of comes and goes as he pleases, and despite this picture, usually eats from a bowl.

Now all 3dogs, Andy-Ellie-Maggie, love cats. Andy has known a string of cats as has Ellie. And Maggie grew up knowing Madison, the two of them kissing and rubbing up against each other. And I wonder, is it because my cats are very friendly and not afraid of dogs, that any dog I bring into my house gets along with my cats? Even the ferocious German Shepherd mix, Cal, who lives down the street loves my cats. And that dog doesn't like anybody...dog or person.

Tonight we were all hanging out downstairs and Madison's food container was sitting on the kitchen bar. Now we all know that the Maggot is a food hound and will try to kill anything or anybody that gets in the way of her and her persuit to eating.

So there was Maddy up on the counter chowing down on kittie kibbles, and Maggie is sniffing around and I'm thinking "she's gonna jump up on the counter, startle Madison. He'll fly off knocking over the container, food will spew everywhere, and then Ellie, Maggie and Andy will have a free-for-all with cat food. A rumble." How surprised I was when I turned around and saw Maggie and Maddie rubbing heads. No problem here.

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