Sunday, November 12, 2006

The Smart...

3dogs and I spent the day at PetSmart. Not a bad choice since the weather was cold and wet, an unpleasant change after an unseasonably warm week. I did my usual teaching gig, while Els, Mags and the AndDog hung out in the PetHotel barking and jumping like all the other dogs.

I teach every Sunday, and I make it a routine to say goodbye to all the PetHotel borders before I leave. It is so interesting to see how the dogs will react to me. Some dogs just sleep, eat and when they are allowed out to play, they enjoy that too. They're the lucky go happy dogs. When I come by to say hello, their tails wag furiously and they just want to be pet or to lick my hand. Contact.

Then there are the pups that shrink into a corner and shake. I try to coax them out for a pat or make friendly eye contact. But they usually let out a guttural growl indicating to leave them alone.

And then there are the barkers. The pups that just bark, and bark, and bark...let me out, let me out, let me out. Some will let me pet them and they'll calm down, while others just like to hear their own voices.

Now my pups will be staying at the Smart while I'm skiing this winter, and I hope some of my colleagues will take the time to give them a few extra pats and kisses. All three fall into the barker jumper group...let me out, pat me, let me out...I want to go home!!

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