Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ellie and her ball

Ellie is my sweet little chocolate lab who thinks there is nothing better than a lime green fuzzy round ball. Here she is striking her "throw the ball, will ya throw the ball, throw the ball, will ya, will ya, will ya" stance. Every fiber in her body shivers with anticipation when she's waiting for "the throw." As soon as she sees my arm raise into position, she goes. She's amazing.

When she was a pup, I'd just throw it sidearm as far as I could fling it. But she outgrew that very quickly, and I moved on to the "ChuckIt." This little device is a godsend. Not only does it enable one to throw the ball long and far, but it doesn't put too much strain on one's shoulder. Especially if that shoulder has thrown too many sidearm throws and performed an array of gymnastic moves over and over again.

Tomorrow: The flip

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