Sunday, November 05, 2006

Pit Bulls...

Another lovely nighttime walk in the cemetery, but this time we were not alone. 3dogs had found something wonderful to munch on, and I, not having a flashlight, had no idea what it was but could smell the stinky remains. I clipped Maggie onto a leash since she refused to walk forwards away from her tasty treat, and onwards we went. As we were rounding a bend, we spied shadows of dogs and people wandering amongst the headstones. AndDog and Els went flying after the intruders into our nightly peaceful retreat. The owners seemed totally caught offguard and hovered for a moment, seemingly not knowing which direction to go. As I approached, I noticed they had three dogs, one of which was a beautiful specimen of a male pit bull on a heavy guarded leash. Now Ellie and Maggie never exhibit any aggression towards dogs. But the tiniest of the three, Mr. AndDog, is always looking for something to growl about, especially when the dog is bigger.

The one woman asked me which direction I was going and as I pointed she indicated she would go in the opposite direction. I asked her if her pit was friendly (remember this IS southeast DC where a man was just attacked down the block by two pits), and she was like "yeah man, I just try to be careful." Long story short, he was a big sweetie and everyone played nicely together.

We chatted about how fearful people are of pits and rightly so, since in this city many of them are used for fights. The rougher the pit, the more status the owner possesses. I take my dogs to the Animal Clinic of Anacostia and I can't count the number of times I've seen pits come in torn to pieces. Sad.

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