Monday, November 13, 2006

Martin Luther King

3dogs had a bad day today since I was sick and the day consisted of "Front Yard Constitution," Cnn, Sleep, Front Yard, Cnn, Sleep. Truth be told, CNN and Sleep both consisted of reclining bed activity. And now again, we are in the reclining position.

And ground was broken today on the mall for the new Martin Luther King Jr memorial, first memorial on the mall honoring an individual. And so I listened. To Oprah, Bill Clinton, Maya Angelo, MLK's children and many more including President Bush, who actually sounded sincere and intelligent. But you didn't hear me pair those two words with his being! It was wonderful. And I cried. I always cry when I hear Martin Luther King speak..."I have a dream."

But then I was one of the lucky ones. In the 60's during the riots, my parents believed that all men and women were created equal. A creed I was raised by. No matter your color, your religion nor your country, everyone was equal. My father opened our home to blacks and he devoted his life to helping those less fortunate...until Nixon came along and OEO ceased to exist.

But as I watched all these great people remembering a great man, it made me think of something my former therapist said to me. She was Jewish. Actually, now that I think about it, all of my therapist have been Jewish woman...except the one gay man who started out becoming a Priest. Uh, I've digressed.

Anyway, I was talking to this ex-therapist and she was talking about her sons. And I was trying to make a point about accepting peoole, and I gave an example about one of her sons bringing home a girl who was an Arab. "Not in the house" was her response.

It's foreign to me. Rejecting someone because of their economic status, their looks, their religion, their origin, or their color. There are so many reasons to reject people that have nothing to do with any of these things.

Uh, I feel sleep coming on. 3dogs are already in that position but then it has been their constant all day long.


Pappy's Fella said...

Get better and get those dogs some exercise. Front yard? You call that brick-lined postage stamp a yard?

3dogcache said...

Yes, 3dogs are quite dismayed that they've only seen the inside of that postage stamp for two days. But this bug has totally wiped their primary caretaker. Luckily, a neighbor took them on a jaunt tonight. Thanks for the good wishes.